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Emails Recieved:

"Hello Zach, I wanted to take some time and thank you for this wonderful piece of craftsmanship! This belt is gorgeous (mahogany with red wine top thread) everything about this product is top quality. You can really tell this belt is going to last a longtime with the proper care. Your customer service was top notch also and I will be giving you my highest recommendation for anyone I know in need of a quality gun belt in the future. Thanks again"

"Hi Zach, You probably get these emails all the time but I just wanted to let you know that I received my belt today and not only does it look better in person, it fits exactly as I expected. Pretty good considering I wasn't able to try it on in a store. I look forward to many years of service and comfort. Your product will be highly recommended by me. Thanks again."

"After a long and expected wait, my belt arrived as if it were Christmas in March. After inspecting, my conclusion is that you made a very special, hi quality (made in USA) belt and I could not be more pleased. It is Rolex quality. Exceptional work Zach. It will last my life time. I am old school. Learned everything from my father to never cut corners. Your work is so appreciated and we need more people to make quality products. Too many products are out there that quality is sacrificed for mass production. I am proud not only to wear this due to it's hi quality, more than anything else, it was made by a true hard working US citizen who is the backbone of what our country was like many years ago. Keep up the exceptional work and I will keep you in mind for another purchase and/or reference. God bless you and this wonderful country we call the USA!"

"Zach.I received my belt and wanted to thank you. The fit and finish is outstanding. I will wear this belt with pride. The craftsmanship is second to none. Thank you also for the continued communication throughout the process. I will most definitely purchase from you again and spread the word. Best wishes and Godspeed."

"Hi Zach. We had a blizzard here yesterday, so the post was delayed for a day... but the wait was worth it! My belt arrived perfectly. It smells great, looks great, feels great, and most importantly - fits and works great! What a lovely piece of kit! Thanks very much, Zach! I wish you all the best and the continued success of your business! With such a high quality product, I'm sure that won't be a problem. Take care."

"Zach, I received my new belt today and I was pleasantly surprised.I thought it would be good but this thing is phenomenal!Thanks again.You are amazing at your craft."

"Zach. The belt arrived today and I am so pleased with it. Thanks for doing such great work. Will definitely be recommending you to my friends. "

"Zach, I just received the belt. It is PERFECT in every detail. Thank you."

"Im thrilled with the quality of the end product. Burnished edges are flawless. The customizable features you offer indicate a true understanding of differing needs in a gun belt, from flash to function. In my case, double stitching and 3/4 spacing as my weight fluctuates and I carry a heavy load. I last wrote a positive testimonial sometime in the last century to give you some perspective on how hard I am to please and I'm a happy camper. Thank you. More orders to follow."

"Howdy Zach! Well my friend, You out did yourself I think. I took some video of us yesterday out in the boonies to show you how your gun belt performed. Now I'm no dang camera expert and I deleted it transferring it to my computer! So, I took a couple of photo's to show you just what your gun belt had to carry yesterday. Now this is a lot of weight for any belt to have to carry. But the way your belt performed impressed me to no end! I was able to carry both revolvers, the spare cylinder and the bowie knife without any sag or sliding. Now I don't normally carry all of this at once. I just wanted to see how the belt would handle it all. The craftsmanship and material is top notch and the belt fit like a glove! Thanks Zach, your one heck of a belt maker!"

"That,sir,is a "man's belt".In fact, that may be all I wear to work tomorrow. Really show it off. I am very pleased. Long wait, but I am looking forward to having it on tomorrow to suspend my shorts.Yes shorts. I am in the Mojave Desert, it is supposed to be 110F tomorrow. Our building's A/C is down, so we have this shanty-ass POS one going and it gets to 81F in there. Come to think of it, maybe I will just wear the belt.Thanks,Zach,for the effort and updates."

"Because of my work traveling, I am just getting to see my new belt. Holy cow, man I LOVE it! So much that I'm going to order another one in black as soon as I get the chance! Thank you so much for taking pride in the work you do!"

"Hi Zach,The belt arrived today. Couldn't be happier with your attention to detail. Don't be surprised when I order again in the future. Thanks again."

"Hi Zach. Well it took me a while but finally got to test out this awesome looking gun belt.Hung my Ruger 61/2" revolver on it while walking around the woods and the revolver never moved and the belt never sagged. A big difference from factory made belts. The belt is not only great looking with awesome craftsmanship, but a valuable asset when carrying a good size handgun.This belt will outlast me and whoever inherits it. I wear this belt to work since it looks like a dress belt. I'm really impressed and will probably order another one that is not as wide as this one so it'll fit all my dress trousers. Zach provided awesome customer service and it was a real pleasure speaking with a real person to get my questions answered. Thanks Zach!"

"What a wonderful hand crafted piece of art.Before ordering I watched videos until my eyes were bleeding and read information on different custom gun belts and the majority kept pointing to Zach's. I received my belt today and was totally blown away with the overall package.Thank you and I will be ordering again as the wife is now demanding one."

"Zach, received the belt this morning and what a great job.......will tell my friends and probably order a brown one later.Thanks again."

"Hello Zach. I just received your master piece here in Japan. I can see your perfection in every single stitch you made. the blue stitches and grayish colored belt and buckle are perfectly matched and what I exactly expected (actually more than that..) I'm actually not ganna use it for gun belt will use it for everyday uses at office work.. (sorry this may not what you expected this belt is used for..) anyways,, thank you for your great communication and work. by the way, I found a customized belt with NO metal buckle which looks cool. possible for you to consider to make one for other customers??"

"I just wanted to thank you for such a great product. With all the sizing issues and all the back and forth we did, I was extremely surprised by your kindness to redo the belt for me. Believe me when I say, you do not get that kind of customer service anymore these days, and its refreshing to me because it took so long and many hours of research to finally make a decision to go with your product and give you my hard-earned cash, not to mention that you are an American business.That’s most important to a lot of people these days.The belt is one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship that I have ever owned and your tireless commitment to perfection is another outstanding quality for which I am proud to have been a part.So thanks for everything."

  "Received my belt and great craftsmanship! It fits perfect, best fitting belt I've ever put on. No more having to constantly pull my pants up and that was even without the weight of a handgun. Makes my previous casual belt feel like I was wearing an old piece of rope! I had searched high and low for a quality casual belt for quite a while. Wish I had heard about you before I had ordered the Galco dress belt a while back because yours fits much better. I will definitely be ordering a companion brown belt in the near future! Again, thank you for your fine product and I'll be in touch before long with my 2nd order."

"Zach, I received the Belt.It looks great. Thanks again."

"Zach. Received my belt today and pardone the French but holy shit what a belt. Phenomenal. Thanks."

"Hi Zach, man this belt is one of a kind,beautiful workmanship,I've never seen a belt like it.Just in time for bear season.Thank you."

"My Bride of 40 years, now understands the price for the belt. Worth EVERY CENT. The Quality and the Rigidity of the Belt is second to none.  What a GREAT Product! Keep up the good work Zach. I'm coming back for a Black Dress Belt in the near future. THANKS for your Professional Attitude, Craftsmanship, and Customer Service. You leave no stone un-turned. Wishing you continued success in the future."

"Hello Zach. .. WOW. Nice Gun Belt!!!!! A lot better than my old one and I mean a lot!!!!! Great quality,craftsmanship and looks super just what I needed for comfort, secure. everyday carry.. I will tell family and friends about your great work! Thanks."

"Zach Just received gun belt.Great workmanship.Belt fits like a glove and supports heavy weapon with no sag. Will be ordering another soon.Thanks again."

"Zach I received my belt last Thursday. I love it. Great quality and heavy duty. Wearing my gun does not pull my pants to one side nice stong belt. I didn't know it would make such a difference. I will refer you to all my friend. Thanks again."

"Hey Zach, My belt arrived and I couldn't be more pleased. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is superb. I know you are still technically a small operation, however the personalized note that came with my belt just goes to show how great your customer service is. I had to make a last minute change to my belt size, and that was met with no issues. I also want to commend you on the constant communication, as although six weeks is a while to wait for a belt, I couldn't be happier with the finished product, and I appreciate the updates to let me know of the status of my order. I've only worn it to work one day, and everyone at my agency is asking where I got it from. I will be recommending you to everyone. Keep up the good work! P.S. Feel free to post this on your website for positive feedback, as everyone needs to know how great your belts are."

"Hi Zach: Thank you for all the work you put into the belt, it looks great. You have a high quality product here. I especially appreciate your politeness and great customer service. I wish you the best with your business."

"I received the belt,  it's beautiful and exceeded all my expectations!!  Keep up the great work!!"

"Zach, this is an awesome belt! Really love it. Thanks so much."

"First impressions are everything, and I am still picking my mouth off the floor. The comfort level was instantaneous over my Ares Gear belt! Thank you so much man!"

"Received my belt yesterday. Everything is perfect. Your work is exceptional . I will order again in the near future."


"Hi Zach,I'm sure you get tired of hearing the same old thing from customers, but holy cow that's a nice belt!!! I'm planning on getting a black one too - hopefully sooner than later. Hope you have a nice Easter."

"I just want to let you know I received my belt and I am super pleased with the look,quality, and craftsmanship the belt was well worth the money and wait. Thanks Zach I will be recommending you to my friends and be ordering again when I need another belt."

"Hi Zach...I hope you had a great Christmas, I know we did!

I just wanted to send you a quick note about how happy I am with my new belt. The color is beutiful and the belt buckle really compliments it really nice. The double stiching is perfect as is the burnished edges. I am using the middle hole so there will be room for weight loss.......... or gain! My family really did a great job on specing out the belt.

I have been wearing it everyday to break it in and it is very comfortable even though it so thick and firm. I only wore my pistol once with it and man I can tell you I never once had to pull my pants up like I had to with my old leather belt while carriyng. My pistol is a full size Ruger SR1911 with a Aliengear IWB holster.

Our Son also carries a 1911 and we will be buying him one of your belts in the coming few months.Thank you for such a great belt!

Take care and have a fantastic New year to you and your family."

"Hello Zach, my belt arrived today and it is beautiful. You are a true artisan. After putting it on a pair of pants along with a holster, I can tell I'm going to get many years of good service out of it. Your other customers were correct when they said your belts are definitely worth the wait. I don't think it will be long before I get in line for another one with a little darker color to give myself some variety. Thanks again for the beautiful piece of leather work."

"Hi Zach, The belt arrived 15 minutes ago; what a nice job you did! Thanks so much for providing a quality, American made product! Only suggestion would be to have a small branding iron made up with your contact info. and name on it (I'm a woodworker, and I am about to do the same) to brand on the inside of the belt... I'll be purchasing another as soon as I decide on specifics."

"Zach, just received my belt. I guess I've never owned a real belt until now. This is one bad ass, excuse my French, belt. Thanks again."

"Zach, I just wanted to let you know I had received the belt that you hand crafted. I'm very happy to have one of your fine belts!!! It is very strong and durable,and looks great with the double stitching and with the double prong buckle, I definitely will be purchasing another one in the future. Thank You so much!!"

"Just received my belt....thank you very much for such an amazing craftsmanship..truly gorgeous belt"

"Zach - This is truly the king of carry belts. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail are absolutely awesome! I plan to order more belts from you as soon as I'm certain of which way my waist is going. Thanks for helping to keep American leatherworking art alive and prospering. Please feel free to use me as a reference."

"Got the belt,,,, Awesome!!!! Im showing it to the people in our gun club. Thank you very much."

"Hello Zach, I just got the belt this mourning, and it looks gorgeous, I really cant say enough about it. Thank you so much I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving."

"Zach. I wanted to let you know that I have received my belt and... I LOVE IT! It's everything that I thought it would be and THEN some. I looked at every stitch, every cut and every inch of leather and it's truly a beautiful work of precision and art. THANK YOU for taking the time to pay strict attention to detail to your craft. I'm excited to keep breaking it in and using it on set for work. It's already seen a few days of work and it's everything I needed it to be. You're great at what you do. Please don't ever stop."

"Zach, the gun belt is awesome. Best one I've owned in 20 years of law enforcement. The conditioner you sent with it is great stuff, too"

"Zack - belts arrived today. They're great. The vinegaroon with emerald green stitching is understatedly stunning; I'm really pleased with how it turned out. And, you made great choices on the "surprise me" belt. The brown with rust thread and distressed nickel buckle may actually be my favorite. I've been preening and have had both on and off several times. I'm trying to figure out how to wear both at the same time. Maybe I can add belt loops to my boxers."

"Just got my belt in the mail! It is awesome! I couldn't be happier! Thanks for the rush shipment! I will definitely be a return customer and highly recommend you to my friends and family!"

"Zach, just wanted to say thanks for the belt. It's awesome. It fits great and performs just as well. I wear it both on and off duty with confidence. It's good to know there's still quality craftsmanship in America."

"Hi Zach. I got the belt when I returned home. It was definitely worth the wait. The quality is phenomenal and very fine workman ship. Thank you! I have given already 4 referrals."

"Hi Zach. Hope all is well in the great state of Georgia. Just letting you know my belt arrived this week. I am very happy with the fit and finish. The colour matches my holsters (Bianchi) perfectly and it makes a great rig for carrying my revolvers (S&W 586 in 4 and 6 inch versions). Certainly was worth the wait and I will be putting it to good use both on and off duty ( may need to get a "Dress version" as well for when I am in suits). Thanks again."

"Hi Zach. I received my belt yesterday and it looks amazing! Once again your belts are awesome. Great work!"

"Zach. Just wanted to let you know that this belt is absolutely amazing! Thanks for the high quality product. Take care."

"Got the gun belt a week ago. It is awesome"

"Wow, What a hunk of belt!! Great work! Thanks for all the hard work for such a fine piece of leather art."

"Good evening Zach. I am just writing to inform you that my Gun Belt came today and I couldn't be any happier with it as per usual. Many thanks for the exceptional service, quality and craftmanship as is always the case.Take care of yourself and I hope to do business again in the future. Many thanks"

"Zach. I received my belt today.It exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much."

"Hey man! Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am with this belt. Great craftsmanship. If it doesn't last at least 10 yrs I'll be amazed. I'll be ordering a brown one in the near future. Well done and thank you."

"Hi Zach, I got my belt last night and it was just what I was looking for, the colors just what I was wanting and the craftsmanship is awesome!"

"Zach, My new belt arrived Wednesday just as you planned however I was traveling for work and couldn't open it until last night. Well I just couldn't wait to open the box! The craftsmanship of this belt is excellent, fit and finish is top notch. What a beautiful belt this is! I'm proud to own it! Thank you!"

"Zach, I received the belt - it is awesome. Thank you the great product."

"Got the belt yesterday. It looks amazing!!! I showed my sons the video of you making a belt. They were both fascinated and impressed with the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a quality item. Thanks for everything. Well worth the wait. God Bless"

"Zach got the belt today. Perfect. Thanks"

"Zach--Belt has arrived. It was well worth the wait. What workmanship! I have already worn it with iwb appendix carry, CZ 75b, all steel, 9mm, compact. Even though that is not the severest test for a belt it was rock solid. What the experts say about a good belt making a big difference is really true. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was with no break in period. You should be very proud of your work and material selection and your advice about colors was right on"

"Zach, I just got my gun belt. Awesome belt, thank you so much. I didn't know what a "real" belt was until I put your belt on. Thanks again."

"Zack, got the belt and its great, thx. Made a decision on going full time with your business yet."

"Zach. Just received the holster 1 hr ago. My Colt 1911 is nestled in an iwb holster on your belt as I am writing this. Very impressed with the belt - looks great, and most important my .45 feels comfortable and secure. Thanks for a great quality product and expect to get more orders from me. God Bless and take care."

"Hello Zach. Wanted to let you I received the belts. WOW! I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and this is the best duty belt I have ever owned. Incredible craftsmanship! Thank you for providing us with your skill and product. Greatly appreciated. Thank you. Best regards"

"Zach. Just wanted you to know that I received my gun belt today & love it. You my friend are a master artist. I couldn't ask for more in a gun belt! I definitely will be ordering more belts from you. My Son, who is also a shooter is already eye balling my belt. Looks like he'll be getting a surprise soon. Thank you for making this belt for me. You have a new life long customer."

"Zach belt is bad ass wore it last night and all day today !!! Well worth the wait ! Will wear it everyday from this point forward."

"Received my belt yesterday. Everything is perfect. Your work is exceptional. I will order again in the near future."

"Zach, this is an awesome belt. Really love it. Thanks so much."

"Hi Zach. I received my belt in the mail today. Very impressed with the quality of your craftsmanship. I look forward to using it for many years to come and will recommend you to my friends whom are interested."

"The quality of this belt is what I've been searching for THANK YOU for this product! Can you put this on your Testimonials page? Zach's Gun Belts are for men, anything else is for boys. Seriously thank you Zach for the great craftsmanship and customer service. The world needs men like you sir."

"Zach. It came in this morning. This is most amazing and best belt I have ever seen! The fit and finish are just TOP NOTCH, and I know because I order a lot of custom leather holsters and sheaths for my gear.

As you know I ordered this as an every day belt for jeans and rugged clothing so a perfect fit was a must, and YOU HAVE DELIVERED SIR!!! It fits in hole 4 of the 9 holes and fits me PERFECT! My wife and I both are just in awe of the leatherwork and stitching you have achieved on this belt. The color is fantastic, the red stitching is spot on just plain terrific. .

Thank you so much for this piece of you craftsmanship and art. I will treasure it and follow your instructions on conditioning. And thank you for the jar of conditioner, a splendid touch. Your pack job is very nice too and I really liked the personalization.

My winter gear is all in now and so I will take measurements for the outside carry belt which of course will have to be longer to get around three layers of wool cold protection. I will measure that all up and get back to you on Monday or Tuesday after thanksgiving so I can get it on order.

Again Zach, an amazing job and now I won't go anywhere else for belts. As long as you are making them, you have my business and I will be showing this around. Thank you so much and have a joyous and wonderful holiday season."

"Zach, I just received our belts yesterday, and if one word sums them up it's WOW!!! Our first impression was that, if properly cared for, these belts would last and perform their task of concealed carry support, for a great many years to come. Their overall quality is a testament to your skill in the fine art of Leatherworks. The leather was uniform throughout, with no obvious flaws- natural or man-made. The stitch-work is flawless, with enough tension applied during the process to "counter-sink" each stitch into the leather, just enough to prevent fraying due to contact-abrasion with outside surfaces or holster adjustment, which is vital to longevity.

My wife's choice of double stitching in "Fire Red" truly "PoP's" with the vibrant color as seen on your website, whilst my choice of "Wine Red" adds a subtle touch of both color and class. Our choice to "double stitch", also provides additional rigor to the belts (supporting my loaded Walther P99 in .40S&W as though it hung from a 2x4!), as well as good looks. The black dye was also applied uniformly, and hand-polished to a deep, rich luster that comes from attention to detail; moreover, the burnishing of the edges makes for smooth, high-gloss, seamlessness, between the leather layers. Our buckle choice was the double-pronged "Brushed Nickel" that you recommended, and they are awesome! and the oval double holes allow the belt to lie flat across the prongs.

It is worthwhile to note: that although you do not advertise it, your willingness to meet the needs of your clients is refreshing, as my request to have a belt that "tapered" from 1 3/4" to 1 1/2" was met with two simple words, "No problem, Eric!" Zach, we salute you!"

"Got the belt yesterday! Looks great! Thank you for the excellent purchasing experience, and I look forward to many years of use! May have to order another one soon just to have some variety! Thank you sir!"

"Hey Zach. Just wanted to let you know that I have been wearing your belts DAILY now for well over a year and have LOVED THEM great work! Thanks for making such an awesome product!"

"Zach - WOW. it was worth the wait. A great looking piece of leather. Thank you for a fine job. I hope you're decision is the right one for you. Best of luck. (BTW, let me know when you start branching out into shoulder holster rigs. I volunteer to be one of your first customers!)"

"Zach, I received my belt today. It looks awesome! Thank you very much."

"So my belt just showed up and I could not be happier with it! The only downside to having one of your belts is that you set the bar so high that ill never want anything else so you better not go out of business any time soon or ill be horribly disappointed. Now the only question is what the hell am I going to do with all my old belts."

"Hey Zach, Just received my belt. It's definitely the best belt I have ever seen. Before I found your site I looked at several gun shops. None of them even come close to the quality of yours. The only problem I have now, is I want this same belt with the green stitching."

"Thank you so much Zach! The belt is amazing. I couldn't be any more happier with my purchase, thank you very much!"

"Received it and love it. It looks nicer than I thought it would. Very well done and worth it. Thanks!"

"HI Zach, I wore my new belt today. The difference carrying with a quality belt is huge! Great quality and craftsmanship. I can see getting a lot of use from this belt. Excellent value! Regards."

"Hey, I just received my belt this morning. Wow you did an amazing job it looks fantastic. Thanks again."

"Zach, Received my belt today and once again totally blown away by the looks and quality. As a LEO that carries daily, I'll be ordering another one soon for sure. Thanks for a great product and outstanding service!"

"Hi, Zach, My belt arrived yesterday, and I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly, and I love the S3 buckle!"

"Zach- I received my belt today and am very impressed. The fit is perfect. I understand the delay, I'm sure that you are extremely busy with the holidays. Thanks for making such high quality product. I plan on ordering more from you in the future. Thanks!"

"Received my belt this afternoon. Just wanted you to know so you can close out any open actions on your end. The black belt shows great workmanship and testing with my .45 caliber full size Springfield Armory carry weapon (CCW), it holds close to the body and high, allowing for better concealment than before. The belt appears to be a lifetime purchase. Thanks for keeping up with your side of the contract!"

"Zach,I Just got the belt today. I wanted to thank you and just say "WOW!!". The quality is amazing, it holds my firearm better than any other belt I own and it looks great! Keep up the good work."

"Zach: Hi. I just wanted to drop you a note to say "Thanks" for a very well made belt. Worth every penny that I paid. Good old-fashioned American craftmanship. keep up the great work. All the best to you!"

"You have a client for life."

"Hey Zach, I received my gun belt today and I love it! You did such an exceptional job and the quality exceeded my expectations. It was well worth the wait! Thanks again for such a wonderful belt and your fantastic customer service; you rock!"

"Hi Zach, Got my gun belt today and it looks awesome! You'll have my next belt purchase! Thanks again!"

"As usual. Perfect fit and awesome quality. Thanks Zach!"

"Zach, The belt arrived today. Absolutely awesome! You do fabulous work. I have known several, excellent leather workers over the years & done a little myself. Your work is as fine as any I've seen. Very, very pleased with the finished product. Will think about adding to this new collection in the near future. Thank you so much! "

"Zach, got my belt today. It's perfect. Thanks again man."

"Got it and Love it! Great belt and that extra size I added made all the difference. Looks great and very solid. I got one a year ago for a similar price and prefer yours. Very good Zach. Love it and thanks for your efforts. Hey Zach. Thank you for the belt. It is a beautifully crafted piece of apparel and I am grateful to own it."

"Got the belt today, it looks great. Excellent workmanship! I always worry about the size and almost called you two different times, but it is perfect. Thanks!"

"Zach, My belt was just delivered and upon opening I must tell you how impressed and pleased I am with the quality. Without even trying it on, I can tell that it is going to be flexible and soft enough to provide the comfort I want and the level of support I need. Thank you for a great product."

"Just a note to say I have the belt and it's awesome! Love it. Thank you for making a great product and for your great service, as well."

"Thank you Zach, got the belt and it looks Awesome and fits perfect. Great job!!! I will be sure to tell everyone about the belts you make and how great they are. Thank You."

"Zach - I received the belt today, and I'm really pleased with it. The quality is first rate. Thanks!"

"Hi Zach, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I really love how the belt turned out! It fits perfect and the looks of it is really beautiful. Thank you so much and wishing you all the best for you and your business."


"Zach, Received my belt today. Wow! Beautiful work. You are an artist with leather. Love it! Thanks."

"I received the belt. Really beautiful work. I can see you take a lot of pride in your craftsmanship. My wife loves it and wants me to order a black one too. So you'll hear from me soon."

"Hi Zach. I just received my new gun belt and it is absolutely beautiful. The workmanship is first class and the quality is self evident. Many thanks for your patience in answering my questions. I will not hesitate to recommend you and your work to my friends."

"Received the belt. It's as beautiful as I expected. Thanks so much."

"Just picked up the belt from the post office; it's unbelievably gorgeous. Thank you, very much, for the beautiful work. Merry Christmas and happy new years to you"

"Awesome belt! Worth the wait :) thanks a lot!"

"Hi Zach! I just want to thank you for an AWSOME job on the belt...love it! I will be a returning customer for sure. Happy holidays to you and your family!"

"Hi Zach. I just wanted to let you know that my gorgeous belt has arrived today, and I couldn't be happier. This belt is beautifully crafted to perfection, fits perfectly and the Vinegaroon black is exactly as I pictured and looks awesome.. I thank you again for your craftsmanship and your professionalism with everything involved, you certainly are a master of your trade. I will spread the word about Zach's Gun Belts, should anyone I know looking for quality belt built by a craftsman.Thanks Again. Best Regards,"

"HI Zach, I received my new belt on Saturday and it's extremely nice. Thanks so much for doing such an excellent job on it. All the Best."

"Zach, I received my belt and I cannot believe the quality. This belt is so good , it will stand up on its own. I have never seen a belt so well made till now. I really appreciate the quality and effort you put into your product. Simply - unbelievable ! I will be ordering another one soon. Thanks so much."

"Got my belt today. It is absolutely awesome. Couldn't be more happy. Thank you very much for producing such a great product."

"Zach, Beyond my expectations.Thanks"

"Wow, I just came home and my Belt was here. First impressions are Amazing my friend. I can't wait to put into service!! I'll keep you posted Zach! Well worth the wait for such exceptional quality!! Thank you again Zach!!"

"Quite a work of art. Thanks!"

"I just received my belt, I couldn't be happier with the quality and craftsmanship that you put into the making of it. Thank you very much, it was a pleasure doing business with you!"

"Thank you very much for the wonderful quality of the belt I ordered, it has exceeded my expectations. I've recommended your belts to several other people already."

"Zach my belt is a work of art you did a fine job brother. I am very very happy."

"Hi Zach. Just received my belt. It looks great. Using a regular belt just doesn't get it. The gun side when carried, sags but this belt doesn't do that.I have it on now. The belt does not sag and has a great feel. Thanks again for making it for me."

"Got my belt yesterday!! Totally awesome!! Thanks much."

"Zach, Received belt.Thanks so much!I knew a bit of what to expect as my friend had ordered from you . . . and his belt is NICE.But, thanks for making mine even a little nicer"

"Zach, I got my belt last night- Immediately the best belt I have ever owned. I couldn't be more impressed with the overall quality and attention to detail! Worth every penny- (and worth the wait) I wish I would have bought 2! Thanks! My next belt will also be a Zach's."

"Zach I wanted to thank you for making such a great quality product. The belt looks amazing and after wearing it today I can say without a doubt it is the best quality belt I have ever owned. Not once have I had my holster pull my pants down the way it normally does. Thank you for your hard work."

"Hello Zach! I love the belt! The quality is awesome. Thanks so much! I'll recommend you to all of my friends who shoot."

"Zach, I just wanted to let you know that I received my belt this week. I finally had a chance to wear it and it works much better than my previous belts. The finish and workmanship is excellent. I'll be sure to pass on my positive experience with my friends and I'll be submitting another order for a brown belt in the future."

"Zach, I received my belt today, was on vacation. The quality is outstanding. It fits perfect. It was well worth the wait. Thanks"

"Dear Zach, Just wanted to let you know I received my gun belt. I've worn it and it fits perfectly. Never before have I ever paid for any article of clothing before trying it on first. Ordering this belt was the first time. I think you made a quality gun belt that should serve me well and last for a long time. I certainly do appreciate how you kept me informed of the status of my order during the lead time. That's good customer service. Thank you for hand crafting such a quality product that features exactly what I ordered. Who knows, I may be able to afford buying a brown belt from you one of these days. May God richly bless you always!" -- New Orleans

"I received the belt yesterday and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your work. I wore the belt all day at work today on the range and it felt great. Thanks for making such a great product and paying attention to the details. Your work is true craftsmanship! It seems like it is getting harder and harder to find craftsman like you these days. I will be wearing it for many years. Thanks again!" -- Chino, CA

"I ordered on of Zach's belts a month or so ago. It shipped fast and has become my favorite belt. I wear a pistol every day at the shop, and this one is the best I have ever used. I am ordering three more so each of the guys on the Fort Daniel crew can have one. Don't hesitate to get one of these. You WILL NOT be disappointed." -- Lawrenceville, GA

"Got mine and have been wearing it for a few days now. Very nice belt! Sturdy and very supportive of weapons and accessories without being stiff as a board. Very comfortable." -- Roswell, GA

"Zach, just got the package in the mail. The belt is beautiful! It is also extremely comfortable. I can not believe how sturdy it is. It is twice as thick as the 5.11 tactical I have been wearing. The way it supports my gear puts the 5.11 and the Winderness to shame! Guys - I ordered this on MONDAY - where else do you get a customer made gun belt shipped in four days?" -- Snellville, GA

"Zach, I received my belt yesterday. Thanks the belt is awesome. I really enjoy it, fits nicely, feels comfortable with my Taurus 809c IWB. The belt is a quality item, looks great, great craftsmanship work. Thank you." -- McKinnley, TX

"I've been wearing your belt for about six weeks with my 1911 and I have to say that it's by far the nicest gun belt I've ever had. The belt is made very well and should last me more than a decade, maybe even two! Thanks for all your help again Zach" -- Macon, GA

'Wow, you sir have made an extremely nice belt. I cannot be more satisfied with how it came out. Really nice feel and a perfect width. I'm sure it will last years to come. I have been losing weight so I might need to take you up on the trim after summer. This is by far the nicest belt I've ever had. Perfect timing as today is my birthday and what a great surprise to come home to. If you guys are looking for a belt, I highly recommend buying one from Zach. The quality of his workmanship is top notch. I'm very pleased with it." -- Kennesaw, GA

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"Awesome belts here! is it bad I liked just sitting back and smelling the leather? top quality for sure! bet it would have no problem supporting a desert eagle 50, even a S&W 500!!! Very sturdy, but very comfortable at the same time! I can't wait for my BPT leatherwing and map to come in to put it to some use! -- Lawrenceville, GA

"Zach, I wanted to write you an email after wearing your gun belt for a while to give it the true test. I must say that the belt has proved to be the most comfortable one I've ever had. It's retaining its shape very nicely and does a superb job holding my gun and holster. Thanks again for making this for me. -- Topeka, KS.

"Zach, what can I say, the belt is outstanding! As a retired Senior Investigator for the State of New York, I had to wear a suit and carry a concealed firearm every day of the week. Back then, I would have loved to have had one of you belts. I am so pleased with the quality and workmanship; I plan on ordering another another belt. Thank you very much!" -- Lake Ariel, PA

"Hi Zach, Received the belt on Friday and it looks and feels great. I was already bragging it up to a co-worker who was also thinking about a new custom gun belt. He was looking at your website too. I'll definitely be coming back when I'm ready for a different belt. Thank you very much!" -- Hammond, Indiana

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"I received the belt today and must say it turned out great. I included a picture of my old belt and your belt for comparison and why I choose to order one from you after watching Pete at The Armory Channel. You will see the belt is super thick which is great for not allowing the gun to roll but it wasn't exactly comfortable. Thanks again for your great work and the $10 discount." -- Virginia Beach, VA

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"I just recieved my belts yesterday and have already worn both of them. You can easily pull a 747 with one of these." -- Abingdon, VA.

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