4/30/2013 - Greetings everyone! One of the reasons I built this website was to obviously sell my gun belts. Another reason I set the site up was so I could ramble and rave about the leather craft. So I created this 'Diversions' page. It give me the opportunity to update you on my shop and advancements in the wonderful craft of leather. And boy what a craft it is. Working with leather is an extremely satisfying endeavor, especially if you can attract customers who buy your stuff. They are, in essence, the backbone of craftsman hedonism. Yes, I shamelessly admit this.

With that being said, it gives me the utmost pleasure building custom belts. If what I build for you puts a smile on your face, then my job is done. You can always replace a physical entity. A feeling is much harder. I hope that each time you put on your belt a connection is formed. If you say, 'Man this is a nice belt. I feel good today already.' Then you have another friend who feels the same way.

Bottom line is this, I want to create the most attractive and functional custom belt you've ever owned. I wake up everyday thinking about my belts and how I can provide and improve a better product for my friends. Choose your belt thoughtfully and carefully because it's gonna live with you for a long time. We're in this together.